Number 1 – Home to Fosko Coffee Barre

Riding our bikes to go drink coffee.

Coffeeneuring is simply riding your bike to get some coffee. I found out about it earlier this year when I needed to replace a broken fender on my bike and the new fenders arrived with a copy of Bicycle Times magazine which had an article about coffeeneuring.  I usually don’t need a reason to go ride but I have been doing more in town rides lately, trying to explore some places I’ve never been or even thought about riding before. Plus our town has become more interesting with several breweries and lots of coffee shops. We have also been doing some slow rides where several hundred people show up to ride at a painfully slow pace for an hour checking out the city. It’s an unruly mob and it’s almost become a victim of its own success but I have seen a lot more people out riding in the last few years so it must be having a positive effect. Enough to now be sporting several new bike shops in town.

Ride number 1 was an easy ride downtown to Fosko Coffee Barre with some neighbors and friends. I posted a Facebook Event to see if there was any interest or if I was in this on my own. Eight participants accepted the challenge and arrived promptly Saturday morning at the house and were ready to roll at 8:00am.

Rita, Stephanie, Jason, Joanne, Jay, Barbara, Paul and Mike

There was a small hiccup earlier in the week when Barbara, my spousal equivalent, asked if I was attending the Spirit of UWF & Alumni Awards ceremony with her on Saturday morning like I promised. She was being honored with the ‘Public Service and Education’ award by the University of West Florida for her environmental work. Lucky for me the ceremony was at 9:00 just down the street from the coffee shop so not only was she able to make the ride but I was able to attend the ceremony.

The route downtown was easy as it’s mostly downhill although there were several street closings due to all the construction in the core of town. All the hip new apartments and shops that are part of our urban renewal.

map 1

Pensacola is fairly walkable/bikeable if you stay around the older part of town or know the back routes. There is a pretty active cycling community here. Pensacola has quite the history having been one of the first settlements in the United Stated back in 1559 (although it was short lived due to a hurricane that sank most of DeLuna’s ships in the bay. The actual settlement is maybe a mile or so from our house and is being slowly excavated by the UWF Archaeology Department). We made it to Fosko’s and took over all the available bike parking and crowded up the joint.


Jill, Rita.That’s me in the black and white checked shirt. Mike


Me, Mike, Paul behind Mike, Joanne with my coffee, Stephanie behind Jason’s coffee. The mural on the wall is of downtown Pensacola back in the day.

None of us had ever been to Fosko’s. The interior was clean and modern with some cool looking apparatuses hanging on the wall. Coffee related? No one knew or thought to ask. Later: Japanese Cold Brew


We all ordered various coffees and chatted for a bit. Joanne stole my coffee and spent the next 15 minutes apologizing. Her husband, Jay, took Barbara’s coffee but was unapologetic. I’m not sure if anyone else is going to complete the challenge or if they were just along for the ride but I made sure to document my purchase although somewhat blurily.


Rita wins the award for getting an actual breakfast.


Jill met us there.


I didn’t get a chance to mingle as much as I would have liked so I hope no one was left sitting quietly by themselves. At 8:50 Barbara and Mike and I headed out to the awards ceremony. The ceremony was held in the historic Museum of Commerce which fittingly has a pennyfarthing on it’s sign.


We were slightly embarrassed when we arrived as we were wearing casual riding clothing and everyone else were in suits and dresses. No matter. They let us in. A nice breakfast was served and awards were given out. No more coffee for me though.


Then we three had a pleasant ride back uphill and home.

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