Super Ultra Mega Bonus No.11

This whole Coffeeneuring thing is finally coming to an end with today’s ride to George Artisan Bakery and Bistro. It was just Barbara, Paul and me heading out at 8:00ish. We did a quick run by a yard sale that we hit earlier in the morning to pay for some Nalgene bottles and some kitty food bowls. Then it was downtown to the bank to deposit my paycheck and then over to E Street to the bistro. Paul was sporting his new singlespeed bike. He gets a new bike every month it seems. The ride was through the downtown neighborhoods. Lots of colorful houses and artsy yards. We arrived without too much trouble. Bike parking was nonexistent so we managed to secure the bikes to each other.


We sat on the front patio which was nice as the sun was warm but the noise from the traffic on Garden Street and the whiny kid at the adjoining table made it less than ideal. I understand the whiny kid part but I don’t understand loud pipes on bikes. Who are we trying to impress? Anyway, the coffee was good and the Nutella muffin thingy I had was way too sweet.


The whole episode left me a bit jangled. Paul was kind enough to pick up the bill. Thanks, Paul!


Next we headed to Evermans to pick up some coffee beans for my camping trip coming up next week to the Chief Ladiga Trail and Talladega National Forest in central Alabama. We tried doing a loop there last year but our timing was all wrong so we abandoned that trip and hit Blackwater River State Forest instead. Talladega National Forest promises some healthy climbs and cooler temperatures, pushing the limits of my endurance and equipment. So after Evermans we hit the downtown market and wandered around there for a while. There were a surprising number if coffee stands set up; something to think about for the ABC club. Then it was a gentle ride back up the hill to home to complete the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge. Thanks for making this happen!

map 11

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